Y a r r a b a h  //   G l o b a l   E l d e r s   G a t h e r i n g 
in conjunction with Rare Earth Foundation, Yarrabah, Queensland Australia 2012

Coinciding with the total solar eclipse of 2012, the Yarrabah Council of Elders and the Rare Earth Foundation facilitated a week long Global Elders Gathering for Elders, Future Leaders and NGO's to came together to share their vision for the future. Imagine the Land Project were invited to the event and worked with with local community artists, youth and families to create a visual narrative artwork of community stories from locally gathered soils and sands.

The Yarrabah Community sits to the East of Cairns. Yarrabah means "Paradise by the sea".

Rare Earth Foundation is a small organisation that is dedicated to empowering elders and youth to protect and promote culture and language through media, technology and the arts.

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