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I M A G I N E   T H E   L A N D   P R O J E C T

Karma's is the co-director of environmental installation project Imagine the Land, with Croatian/New Zealand artist Ekarasa Doblanovic the due founded the project in 2009. The project cultivates relationships between people, art and nature through the use of participatory arts practices and impermanent land based installations. The duo's work has been exhibited in a diverse locations globally addressing both social and environmental issues whilst directing engaging communities in collaborative efforts in the design and making of the projects. Imagine the Land's Projects have included The Bhoomi Festival (New Delhi, 2015), Woodford Folk Festival (2014, 2013) Te Uru, West Auckland Regional Gallery (New Zealand, 2016, 2013), The Wallace Gallery (New Zealand, 2012) and The Wellington Museum of Land & Sea (New Zealand, 2011) and The Villa de Leyva Museum (Colombia 2010).

The project is also an ambassador for the Terzo Paradiso/ Rebirth-day, a project by participatory arts grandfather Michelangelo Pistoletto and Citadellarte Fondazione (art and creativity laboratory founded in 1998 by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto, in Italy). Which has seen the projects work presented in a number of high profile art events including Year 1: Earthly Paradise, Louvre, Paris, 2013 and currently in a social arts exhibition in Havana,


The Imagine the Land Project produces site specific, impermanent art installations from the palette of the land. These projects are often in public spaces and produced in collaborative efforts of community engagement. The arts works are made from coloured pigments gathered from local terrains and pre-disturbed sites, such as soils, sands and stone dusts. Imagine the Lands work sets in motion an open-ended ‘drawing ‘and creative processes through the use of soil. The work gives participants an opportunity to have a direct tactile, sensory and a conceptual response to nature, impermanence and interconnectedness. The soil itself is the medium, catalyst and messenger for the artistic journey.

"Imagine the Land, works to explore and observe intersections of nature and culture by inaugurating place and offering connection to it through experiential play. The collaboration of Karma Barnes and Ekarasa Doblanovic researches, collects and sets up installation projects that employ many types of soil and minerals culled from innumerable locales. Sometimes on their own, but more often in participation with the public, they set in motion open-ended drawing processes that give participants an opportunity to experience personal sensory and conceptual responses to notions of temporality, nature, spirituality and creative play toward a common goal. Each sample of dirt becomes part of a tapestry of pigments, and is significant not only for its colour and texture, but also as a reference to the place from which it originates, as well as for the possible cultural meanings associated with that mineral and its source." -Carol Schwarzman- Arts Critic

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