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L a   R o s a   P a r k   D a y   L i g h t i n g   P r o j e c t 

Collaboration with Auckland City Council & Wai Care 

Block House Bay,

Auckland, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

La Rosa Day-lighting Project was a projected commissioned by Auckland City Council to reestablishment of the natural environment through the removal of storm water drains (day-lighting) and riverbed regeneration. Creating huge environmental benefits that allow wild life such as the Long Fin Eel’s to regain its migratory pathways. It is the first of 100 such projects initiates by Auckland City Council. In celebration Imagine the Land Project produced an outdoor impermanent art installation based on the waterway journeys of the Tuna Kuwharuwharu (the long-fin eel). The installation was made in collaboration children and teenagers from Green Bay Schools. It’s made from a variety of locally sourced materials and pigments from the Waitakere Ranges. The art work metaphorically explore the ancient journey of the Tuna Kuwharuwharu through the water ways of New Zealand and its long journey through to the pacific, then when reaching the final stages of its life, returning to Tonga to spawn and die, thus leaving the next generation to make the long and risky journey to Aotearoa to continue the cycle. Through the many collaborative hands of the young participants, the art work celebrated our connection and respect of the land and the sea and the restoration of the waterways on our homeland.



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