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Imagine The Land Project hit the streets of Mullumbimby with 20 local creatives from the Northern Rivers to install a eco street artwork made from local soil pigment paints that will travel from the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia to Rome, Italy.

The artwork was produced at The Imagine the Land workshop where the team of Northern Rivers artists and participants worked with regionally gathered pigments to make paints and inks that were then turned into paste-up artworks for the collaborative street art piece.

The artworks was reproduced and installed in the street art district of Rome as part of a side project for her upcoming international project in Rome at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the MACRO ASILO Curatorial Project.




Join the IMAGINE THE LAND PROJECT artist Karma Barnes in a Pigment Paste-Up Project that will see YOUR ARTWORK on the streets of the Northern Rivers and the walls of ROME!!


Join us to explore the pigments and colours of the Northern Rivers through making pigment paints & eco inks from local soils & foraged materials. Learn about the geomorphology of the Northern Rivers and connect in a creative exploration of the landscape. Learn to produce and make large scale paste-up eco street-art works, these we will install our on the day with wheat-paste on the streets of the Mullumbimby. These artworks will then be reproduced & I will install them in the street art district of Rome, Italy!


At the IMAGINE THE LAND project day we will;


💛 Learn to make pigments paints & eco inks from local soils & foraged materials from scratch using a range of pigments mediums and binders.

💛 Connect with the local soils in a creative exploration of the landscape, learn about the geomorphology of the Northern Rivers and how the landscape was created with guest landscape architect James Nash.

💛 Learn how to make large scale paste-up eco artworks with our handmade pigment paints & eco inks.

💛 Create a series of take-home art explorations on papers with pigment paints & eco inks.

💛 Collaborate on designing and painting a street-art artwork

💛 Install our Street Art installation of our collaborative paste-ups with Wheat Paste on the walls of the Northern Rivers.

💛 Our collaborative artwork will be reproduced and taken to Rome!! You will receive live updates from Rome about when the Northern Rivers Artwork is being installed and documentation of the installation and photos of the final work in Rome to share with your friends & family!

💛 This is a creative arts workshop suited to all skills and abilities. All materials and resources included. Young people welcome to join us (15+).


This is a fundraiser for an upcoming exhibition that Imagine the Land Project is presenting at The Contemporary Art Gallery of Rome -MACRO this coming October!! There we will be creating a 15-meter environmental art installation from Italian soils.


Join us for the Imagine the Land - Pigment Paste-Up Project

Northern Rivers To Rome Workshop


WHEN: Sunday 15 September 9.30-4.00pm

WHERE: The Drill Hall Theatre, Mullumbimby, NSW

BOOKINGS: $100 for the day - includes all materials

& resources (concessions available)



CONTACT: Karma Barnes, ph 0450 707 709, karmabarnes@live.com





Imagine the Land Project - Our Story


Imagine the Land Project is a collaboration between Karma Barnes (NZ/Australia) & Ekarasa Donlanovic (Croatia/NZ). Over the past 10 years, we have worked with people of all ages in producing collaborative ecological artworks through socially and environmentally engaged artistic programs. Imagine the Land Project has worked collaboratively with around 10,000 people to cultivate creative and positive expressions of cooperation and collaboration. These engagements foster tangible experiences of teamwork, connection and intersubjectivity. This is the potent power of art, that so beautifully draws people together, mapping their connection to each other and the land. through soils and pigments.


It is this body of participatory work, that has engaged peoples connection with the creative project and that has led the Imagine the Land Project to be invited to Rome. Partaking in Macro Asilo curatorial project allows the project to further develop new forms of creative inclusion and process-driven practice, locating new values and meaning through drawing on inter-related horizons on an international stage.


Imagine the Land Project has been invited to exhibit in Rome at the Museum of Contemporary Art's 'MACRO ASILO Curatorial project' this coming October!


The proposed project "Terre Immaginarie" will be made out of Italian local soils hand gathered from the surrounding regions of Rome and regional Italy. These soils will be ground into fine pigments and transformed into a 15m long art installation, filling one of the MACRO exhibition halls.


Throughout the exhibition, we will initiate collaboratively driven processes inviting the public to participate and providing an opportunity to have a direct tactile, sensory and conceptual response to notions of nature, impermanence and interconnectedness in the creation of the artwork.


The project seeks to build on our methodology of community engagement and connection to local place within a global environment. The work will explore local stories and collective ontologies of the earth that we work upon, fostering compassionate relationships between the participants and the environment that nourishes and sustains us.


💛 💛 💛 We really appreciate your support! 💛 💛 💛


As my mentor once said being an artist is a very expensive job! So to help fund some of the expenses of exhibiting our work in Rome we are running this fundraising workshop.

Supporting the project by attending the workshop will mean the world to us and make the exhibition all the more amazing + you get to have your artwork installed on the streets of the Northern Rivers & Rome, soooo cool!


Thanks so much

Arohanui xxx Karma 💛

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