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Imagine the Land - Tocca la Terra


Museum of Contemporary Art Rome, Italy
22 October - 31 November, 2019

Imagine the Land Project is pleased to announce the presentation of their new participatory environmental art installation entitled Tocca la terra (Touch the earth) at the Rome Museum of Contemporary Art, Italy.


Imagine the Land Project artists Karma Barnes (NZ/Australia) and Ekarasa Doblanovic (Croatia/NZ) are invited by curator Giorgio de Finis to exhibit Tocca La Terra as part of the Macro Asilo (“Hospitable Museum”) Project.Macro Asilo Project opened on 30 September 2018 and will run through 31 December 2019. Independent curator Giorgio de Finis, who is also an anthropologist, artist and writer, explores a less traditional, experimental model for attracting museum-goers in Macro Asilo Project. His curatorial vision opens up the entire museum, “into a fully-fledged ‘living organism’ at once friendly and relational,” to urge a spirit of interactive cooperation amongst people, skills and disciplines and to encourage participation on the part of the city and the public. As such, the museum is transformed into an “open laboratory” where, he says, “the daily activity of the museum itself will also be accessible for view.” Macro Asilo’s approach is to offer people new tools and opportunities for growth by experimenting with new and original practices During its 15-month program, Macro Asilo Project exhibits the work of over 300 international artists, writers and performers.

Tocca la terra is to be comprised of Italian local soils, hand gathered from the landscapes surrounding Rome and regional Italy. These soils will be ground into fine pigments and transformed into a 15m long art installation, filling one of the MACRO exhibition halls.

During the exhibition, Imagine the Land initiates collaboratively driven processes, inviting the public to collaborate. Clay vessels are built by participants young and old, and added into a site-specific installation composed upon the gallery floor. Participants will engage in an exciting opportunity for direct tactile, sensory and conceptual response to notions of nature, impermanence and interconnectedness in the creation of the artwork.




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