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Mihi Kore-In Gratitude // Waitakaruru Sculpture Gardens
Waikato, Aotearoa (New Zealand) 2011


Mihi Kore- ’In Gratitude’ was installed in the Waikato at Waitakaruru’s Sculpture garden as part of the summer show ‘Sky above, Earth below’ curated by Andrew Clifford. Waitakaruru is a magnificently transformed 17-hectare quarry that is now New Zealand’s largest sculpture garden.
Set against a backdrop of native ferns and forest Mihi Kore converses ancient patterns forged in adobe mud brick with earthly markings that sing to the sky above and the earth below.

PB229794 mod
Waikato Sculpture Trust

Terra Ephemera // Waitakaruru Sculpture Gardens
Waikato, Aotearoa (New Zealand) 2011


Terra Ephemera explores the materiality of raw earth. Made from materials gathered from around the North Island; pebbles from Huia beach, crushed shells from Armour Bay, Coromandel red soil, Whatipu iron sand, Totara sawdust,Totara saw dust and top soil from Waitakere forest range, Waitakaruru.




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