National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Services provided under the NDIS

There are three different ways you can manage the funds you receive from NDIS, self-managed, plan managed and agency managed. The first two options allow you to choose from any providers including providers who are not registered with NDIS. Here is a link which explains the three options in more detail

If you are self-managed or plan managed the NDIS funded services you can access art therapy and youth mentoring sessions through Art Therapy Northern Rivers.

  • Art Therapy

  • Individual Art session

  • Theraputic Youth Mentoring



Registration groups available through Art Therapy Northern Rivers are:

  • Therapeutic Supports (Capacity Building: Improved Daily Living)

  • Innovative Community Participation (Core Supports: Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities)

Therapeutic supports include Art Therapy and Counselling. Art Therapy is an allied health profession and works with psychological and physical wellbeing using a creative process. Counselling provides clients and carers with assistance to understand and manage situations, behaviours and relationships associated with their need for care and mental health.


Therapeutic supports help people gain skills and improve independence in areas such as language and communication, personal care, interpersonal interactions and community living. This supports positive changes in the person's functioning, development and well-being.


Art Therapy Northern Rivers supports people to achieve their goals in informed, safe environments, with no artistic skill required. The process can include visual art-making, moevement mindfulness,. Work can happen individually or within a group. Community inclusion, physical aspects, and daily living skills can also be included


Folk n Fable can support you to achieve your goals through individual art therapy sessions. No previous experience or skill in art is required. 

Studies show being involved in the arts can improve your health and wellbeing, by helping you to feel good about yourself, stay focused, finish tasks, improve decision making, decrease anxiety, develop artistic skills, express and communicate ideas, learn to self regulate, recognise if you are feeling unwell, learn daily life skills, make friends and belong to a community. 




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