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Stage #2 in our Ocean Shores Street Art Alley Way Project worked with 6 local young people to create the next 19 meters of wall art to our already painted 19-meter mural from 2015. That's all up now 38 meters of youth art now graces the walls of the Ocean Shores Shopping Center, with 2 final stages of the project set to take place.

The young people involved in the project deigned and installed their own components of the work. Themes of the work celebrate same-sex marriage becoming legalised in Australia as well as themes of oceanic creatures, desert scapes and local bird life.

Ocean Alley Street Art Mentoring Project 2017
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In Bodhgaya in the state of Bihar, India I worked with a group of inspiring and creative children at Tara's Children's Project, in Bihar, India to transform and enliven the entrance to their orphanage with a beautiful mural. Tara Children's Project (TCP) is the only children's home caring for HIV affected orphaned kids in the state of Bihar, India. The children developed the design of the mural based on themes from the 16 Guide Lines (the 'Six Essential Guidelines for a Better Life; Forgiveness, Apology, Patience,     Kindness  & Courage. The mural was an opportunity for the kids to see their ideas come to life, explore ways of working with each other as well as overcoming challenges, learning new skills and delighting in expressing their ideas in colour and paint.

Ven. Paldron the director of The Root Institute said about the project "I am sure this was not only therapeutic and creative but it also taught them many skills in addition to helping them feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment in the work they did."


TCP is Foundation for the Preservation of Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) Project run through The Root Institute.Tara Children's Project started in 2008 when three children and two carers moved into the premises located behind the Maitreya School buildings. Soon afterwards, six more children arrived from an orphanage in Delhi, all of whom originated from this area of Bihar. The emphasis of the project is to achieve stabilisation for the children. The home currently has 21 children ranging in age from five to sixteen. The school-age children are now enrolled in our own Maitreya School. They have been accepted exceptionally well considering the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Several children have come from villages neighboring Bodhgaya. Having lost both parents to AIDS, with their village unable or unwilling to care for them, once accepted into TCP their whole demeanor visibly brightens.






The Tara Children's Project // Bodhgaya, Bihar, India

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