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All Girlz Arts Mentoring Project // Byron Youth Service  2018



Over an eight week program a group of young women from across the region explored their creativity, developed their artistic skills and working collaboratively towards a major 16 meter street art install on the Byron Bay Community Cottage based on their ideas and designs.

"I found that the experience inspired me as well as building confidence in my abilities while boosting my self esteem. It was great to be able to step out of my comfort zone and paint something on such a big scale. The message behind the wall is about equality as the characters featured are female and of various ethnic backgrounds. I was inspired by the fact that most street art is created by males and as a young female artist I wanted to rebel against that. My piece in the work is a woman of many tribes, she represents a combination of women from different cultures and races", shared Mia Green a participant on the program.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 7.23.35 PM




Stage #2 in our Ocean Shores Street Art Alley Way Project 6 local youths set forth on creating the next 19 meters of wall art to our already painted 19 meter mural from 2015  over the last school holidays. That's all up now 38 meters of youth art now graces the walls of the Ocean Shores Shopping Center!

Street Art Mentoring Project // Byron Youth Service 2017


Early this year I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a group of inspiring and creative children at Tara's Children's Project, in Bihar, India to transform and enliven the entrance to their orphanage with a beautiful mural. Tara Children's Project (TCP) is the only children's home caring for HIV affected orphaned kids in the state of Bihar, India. The children developed the design of the mural based on themes from the 16 Guide Lines (the 'Six Essential Guidelines for a Better Life; Forgiveness, Apology, Patience,     Kindness  & Courage. The mural was an opportunity for the kids to see their ideas come to life, explore ways of working with each other as well as overcoming challenges, learning new skills and delighting in expressing their ideas in colour and paint.

Ven. Paldron the director of The Root Institute said about the project "I am sure this was not only therapeutic and creative but it also taught them many skills in addition to helping them feel a sense of confidence and accomplishment in the work they did."


TCP is Foundation for the Preservation of Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) Project run through The Root Institute.Tara Children's Project started in 2008 when three children and two carers moved into the premises located behind the Maitreya School buildings. Soon afterwards, six more children arrived from an orphanage in Delhi, all of whom originated from this area of Bihar. The emphasis of the project is to achieve stabilisation for the children. The home currently has 21 children ranging in age from five to sixteen. The school-age children are now enrolled in our own Maitreya School. They have been accepted exceptionally well considering the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. Several children have come from villages neighboring Bodhgaya. Having lost both parents to AIDS, with their village unable or unwilling to care for them, once accepted into TCP their whole demeanor visibly brightens.…/tara-childrens-project

The Tara Children's Project // Bihar, India 2017
Inscribe launch 2016
IMG_0977 copy
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Over an epic 8 week journey in partnership with Byron Youth Service In.scribe Youth Arts unleashed its first ever All Girlz Project. A group of 10 young people aged 12-15years developed themselves and their creativity, worked collaboratively and explored their imaginations, Over the 8 weekly sessions and 2 weekend workshops the participants explored art journaling, worked together to create a collaborative mandala, designed and created mandala stencils, studied inspiring female street artists, engaged in creative art games and team building activities and worked with each other to design and paint two street art installs.


The project was commissioned  and supported by Byron Shire Council and Suffolk Park Community Association for Suffolk Park Skate Park. in partnership with Byron youth Service.

All Girlz Art Mentoring Project // Byron Youth Service 2016


Over the dry session of 2016 the In.scribe project worked with 100 members of the remote community of Alpurrurulam to develop a 150sqm mural on the communities new laundromat. Through developing and delivering community arts workshops with women's groups, youth groups and the school designs and artworks were created incorporating bush-tucker, traditional flora and fauna and animals including the local totem the bat in the design as well as health messaging was panted inside and outside of the laundromat.The project was supported by project partners Rainbow Gateway, Traditional Custodians, Alpurrurulam Clinic, Barkly Regional Council, Anglicare and Alpurrurulam School.

Feedback from participants in workshops included enjoying being part of the process, a feeling of surprise that they could achieve such a large artwork together, that the project had been a good opportunity to develop their skills and appreciation in seeing so many people involved in the work and enthusiasm to develop further their skills.

Responses from community members who were not involved in the painting was that they think that the artwork brightens up town, that is was great to see everyone working together on it and its important for the kids to have their artwork on it as they will be able to see it when they get older.
Stakeholders said that they were amazed at how much work got done, that the laundromat is like a beacon of light in town, that the murals put Alpurrurulam on the map. There is also talk of further mural projects being activated in the community and the women's group has been approached by a service provider in town to create a mural for them. This is a really positive outcome for the women involved for their work to be recognised for their work.


Arts & Health Project // Alpurrurulam // Northern Territory 2016
Our #inscribeyouthartsproject street art project in process __ #yellowcrestedcockatoo #graffiti #ste
#inscribeyoutharts mural project _ #oceanshores #love #streetart #birdlove #karmaarts #graffitiart #
Big Love Painting in process this afternoon #byronbay #biglove #artist #heart #aroha ♡ #withlove #in
#inscribeyoutharts __ Day ll on the Ocean Shores Alley street art mural ☆《
A precious reminder ♡ #inscribeyoutharts #dalailama #wisewords #beautifulquotes #inspiration #love #
A few additions to the garden on a late avro on the _In
Commissioned Install Project // Ocean Shores 2015


In an awesome end of year collab six of some of our most rocking In.scribe grads seized the opportunity to work along side street artists NITSUA and Victoria Larnach and In.scribe director Karma Barnes to deliver a 23 meter commissioned artwork and mark the beginnings of a street art alley at Ocean Shores Shopping Complex. The project enlivened an otherwise bleak alleyway into a showcase of In.scribe Youth Artist's talent. 



Byron community center  copy
BBCC pano mural
Mentoring Program & Byron Community Center Install // Byron Bay // 2015




Over an awe inspiring 8 weeks mountains moved and the sun shone as the hearts and minds of ten local young people embarked on an odyssey of creativity that will leave things never the same. Dreaming, learning and creating in an intensive series of incredible workshops including stencil making with NITSUA, connection to culture with Delta Kay, historical and social context of the Byron Community Center with Paul Spooner, along side the constant mentorship of artists Karma Barnes, Gene Cundith - Kaio, Victoria Larnach and one of the regions top youth workers Rosalia Bryant the team created a number of collab artworks with a major work of a mural covering 4 panels of the rear entrance to the iconic Byron Community Center. The project was hugely celebrated by the community with a massive In.scribe Byron Community Center Art Launch opened by the Major Simon Richardson to mark its completion. The project was In partnership with Byron Youth Service and supported by Byron Shire Council and ANZ Bank.



Mullumbimby Street Art Collab // 2015






Commissioned by the Byron Council Public Arts Panel two of our In.scribe youth artists designed and produced this beautiful install on the main street of Mullumbimby. The girls worked along side myself and regional artist Turiya Bruce to bring their visions to life.

ins2 sidewall
Street Art Mentoring Program & New Brighton Install // Byron Bay // 2015

In 2015 we launched our second major <In.scribe> Project with 10 local youths working over a 8 week intensive program, engaging in youth arts mentoring, arts and creativity personal development and collaborative exploration with myself, Daniel Hend, NITSUA, KAIO, Booker, Asuka Hara and Victoria Larnach. The project was supported by The Byron Youth Council and successfully transformed the New Brighton Sports Oval that had previously been a tagging target area.

Participants worked together over the duration of the project to develop two major street artworks, published a series of art cards and celebrated their successes with a community arts launch which featured live art shows, beat box performances, live music and an art auction.

Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.50.52
IMG_6987 copy
Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.52.34
Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.43.33
Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.47.55
Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.48.33
Screen shot 2558-07-07 at 17.54.05
CASP Youth Arts Outreach Project // Kyogle // NSW // 2015





As a successful recipient of an Arts Northern Rivers Country Arts Support Program grant the <In.scribe> Project took the opportunity to spread the love west and delivered a youth arts mentoring school holiday program in the regional town of Kyogle. The project partnered with Kyogle Youth Action to present a series of workshops that resulted in transforming the front of the youth center with art work designed and created by local youth.


Mural at Primary School no 3, awesome crew and the school are supa stoked!!
Youth Arts Mentoring Project // Many Hands International
Los Palos  Timor Leste // 2015

In 2015 I worked with NGO Many Hands International to deliver an Arts Mentoring and Art Therapy Program in Timor Lester  an arts  young people aged 13-19 at the Lospalos Cultural Centre,  There I worked with MHI staff members and trained a local youth worker Nelson Diana da Costa in arts practice.  We encouraged participants to develop their aspirations through creative processes and find personal meaning and reflection through art making. The program sort to affirm the value of culture through developing creative themes, building collaborative skills and promoting a positive sense of identity amongst the young participants.  The program drew upon the culture of street art in Timor Leste as a valuable means of expression and canvas of creative visioning for youth. Participants learned skills including stencil making, paste ups and mural painting, which were used to create a mural in central town and for the primary school.

IMG_8459 2
Youth Street Art Mentoring Project // Byron Bay // NSW // 2014




Supported by Regional Arts Fund, Arts NSW I launched the <in,scribe> Street Art Mentoring Project pilot in Byron Bay. The project had over 60 applicants from across the region and 12 of those lucky young people were selected. Over an 8 weeks program the <in.scribe> project brought together  a groups of creative youth including youth at risk to participate in a positive, creative, self development program that provided a creative platform for self expression. The project worked to develop youth's creative language, learn & develop artistic skills, explore creatively personal values and themes through art therapy interventions and arts mentoring. The project produced two public artworks including the now iconic "Brunswick Heads Mermaid" mural. The project was celebrated by the community by a public art launch and a series of four youth art post cards produced featuring the projects artworks.

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