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A R T   T H E R A P Y  N O R T H E R N   R I V E R S

Imagine the Land Project

The Environmental and Participatory Art Installation Projects recent works at the MACRO Asilo Contemporary Art

Gallery of Rome

form-conceptgallery-karma-barnes-compounded-caldera-2022 2.jpeg

Compounded Caldera, 2022

Our human experience is composed of compounded responses. The artwork draws parallels between our relationships with each other and our connection to place. Compounded Caldera is a moment in time where bush fires, droughts, floods and an ongoing pandemic have ravaged our community in Northern New South Wales, Australia with little moment to exhale a breath before the next pressing moments of concerns take centre stage. The impacts of climate change have moved from subtle shifts and perturbations towards more obvious and compounding climatic events.

Featuring in the WILD PIGMENT PROJECT,

Form & Concept, New Mexico, USA

September 17 to December 3, 2022

Sample Soil Spheres.jpg

Transformation-Through the Pressures of Time

'Transformation - Through the Pressures of Time' examines how we are formed and informed by relationships through the intersections of nature and culture, the endless cycles of life and death, creation and destruction and how we are shaped and changed by our internal and external experiences, elements and impermanence.

NRCG, Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia


Super Rough Seas
Community Arts Recovery 

M.Arts, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia

Supported by Arts Northern Rivers

​You are invited to participate in the 'Super Rough Seas' Community Recovery Art Project, bringing together our stories and experiences of COVID-19 in a Street Art Story Montage.

Image Giorgio Sacher
Image_ Yaka Adamic
K A R M A   B A R N E S
Imagine the Land Project
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